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Things I can’t live without

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Good morning!! Since I am just getting started blogging, I thought I would make a list of some things I can’t live without!

1. Foam Roller

This baby keeps me from wanting to die after lower body workouts and long runs. I recommend going to buy one. NOW.

2. Gum

I am absolutely obsessed with gum. It’s a ridiculous addiction and no matter how many times I try to quit, I always fail. So I just stopped trying.

3. Running shoes

These are my Nike Lunarfly’s. I’m working my way into more minimalist shoes, so these are perfect. I just love them.

4. iPod Nano


I’m not one of those runners who likes the sound of nature. So give me my iPod and I’ll run for hours….or until it dies.

5. Larabars, Clif Bars, anykindof bars

When Baker’s has a sale, you can bet I’m stocking up. Especially because I don’t have Baker’s in my new town! I love larabars…especially the peanut butter chocolate chip ones =! And the man candy loves the Clif Builder’s bars. He eats them as a pre-dinner snack. I wish I could eat 300 calories right before dinner. ugh.

6. Ugg Moccasins

I have raynaud’s (terrible circulation problem), so my hands and feet are ALWAYS freezing. These bad boys make my feet sweat. I love it.

7. And last, but not least…my family 🙂

That’s me, my brother John, my madre, my pops, and my sister Megan. I miss them very much. Oh and yes my brother is gi-normous. I’m 5’10” if that gives you any idea.

8. Nate 🙂

My Best Friend

So there you have it! These are some things I cannot live without.

I’ve stuck to almost all my workouts I listed for the week. Wednesday, Nate had to work until super late and then worked from home until 10, so the elliptical workout didn’t happen. I’m okay with that. I was only going to do it so I could be at the gym with Nate! He has been so busy with work lately. He got a call at 3:15 this morning about work! Craziness. Well, the boy and I are heading to Fargo this weekend to see my g-ma and my aunt and uncle, so I will be back on Monday with a recap of some (hopefully) yummy eats!

Have a GREAT weekend!

What are some things you can’t live without?


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I am a 20-something girl who lives in Minnesota and loves to run and eat!

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