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Almost 14 years in Nebraska

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Hello from snowy Minnesota!

It started snowing last night and we went to bed to this:

And woke up to this:

Not something I like to see on April 16th!!

On April 18th, 1997, my family and I moved from Minneapolis to Grand Island, NE.  A couple things I remember about the move: it was incredibly warm in Nebraska and school was almost out already. They start school down there before Labor Day, so they are out in the middle of May!

Annnnyway, I moved back to Minnesota on March 26th, which means I almost made it 14 years as a Nebraskan! I really miss my friends and family. It’s weird having a Saturday with nothing to do! The first weekend here, I was actually in Kansas City running my first marathon, last weekend we went to Fargo to hang out with my fam, so this is the first weekend being here.

Last night was uneventful. Went to the gym and then came home and vegged out on the couch because I had to get up and do 10 miles!

I finally stopped pressing snooze at 8:15 this morning and went out for my 10 miler. I ran 10.17 in 1:31. Not too bad for running through slush and ice! There’s a great lake out here that’s a little over a mile around it, so I usually run there, around it, and back. Today I had to run around it 7 times. On my 6th lap, an older gentleman yelled at me, “How far are you going? I’ve seen you come around several times!” I said, “I’ve got 10 miles to do today!” He said, “Wow that’s great!!” It’s nice having someone recognize the hard work I put in!

I am currently watching the twinkies play and lusting over this guy:

and doing more of this: (like my pink compression socks?!)


Tonight we are going out for dinner with some people that Nate works with. I am SO excited to finally meet some people here!! I hope they are nice 🙂 I hope this snow goes away FAST so I can start wearing cute spring clothes!! I’m sick of sweaters!!

Have a GREAT Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow for hopefully a more interesting post 🙂

Love, Mar


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I am a 20-something girl who lives in Minnesota and loves to run and eat!

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  1. You do not have cankles, Turd Ferguson.


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