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Hey all! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past couple days. I went to Fargo to see my gram and aunt and do some shoppin. I got some new running shoes…the only pair I could find in my size were the exact same ones as I had before! So I bought some funky tie-dye shoe laces so I’ll be able to tell the difference! I also got some cute stuff for my house like this shelf and stuff to put on it

Cute huh!!

Anyway, I had some fun news to tell you before, but I’m going to show you some pictures of my food since this is supposed to be a food/fitness blog haha!

Here’s lunch today

This is three small pieces of leftover Meatza over a huge bed of spinach. Perfect re-fuel after my 6 miler this morning!

So, I also threw together a pretty awesome dinner. Nate told me more than once, “This is pretty good Mar”. That means it was a hit 🙂

Pasta Chickpea Salad – Serves 2 large portions


– 1 can of chickpeas

– 2 chicken breasts

– 1 large green pepper

– pasta of choice (I used WW noodles, Nate used quinoa), cooked

– a huge bunch of spinach

– slivered almonds

– smoked paprika

– Soyaki sauce

– olive oil spray

– sea salt


1. Cook pasta through according to directions on package

2. spray cookie sheet with olive oil spray and spread chickpeas across sheet. Dump good amount of smoked paprika and a light amount of sea salt over chickpeas and spread around with hands. (Don’t worry mine were clean)

3. Bake in oven for 25 minutes at 400 degrees. Flip halfway through

4. Meanwhile, cut up chicken and cook on a sprayed skillet

5. While chicken is cooking, cut up green pepper and add to skillet

6. Once chicken is cooked through, add spinach and cook until wilted and put into large bowl

7. Add baked chickpeas and slivered almonds to chicken dish

8. Put your pasta of choice onto a plate and top with chicken mixture

9. Put some Soyaki sauce on top for a little added flavor and ENJOY!

Nate insisted on having the Soyaki sauce in the picture haha. By the way, yes, I did eat that entire plate.

K, onto some cool stuff!!

Have you ever seen that Youtube video of the little girl who narrates a kitten book? The first time I saw it, I about died of laughter! If you haven’t seen it, please enjoy

Anyway, we got our very own kitten!!! She’s actually about a year old, but she is sooo tiny and cuddly! We are seriously in love with her already 🙂 Meet Lilly!

Nate and Lilly being lazy

Cuddling on the couch with me

so cuddly!

Isn’t she an absolute doll?!

I know I need to keep doing the 30 day challenge, but this post is already so long! I promise to be back tomorrow with day 2!

Have a good night!

What kind of pets, if any, do you have? Are you a cat person?

Do you throw random dinners together a lot? Do they usually turn out any good?


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  1. Awww SO CUTE! I’m a dog person, but I can’t deny that a fluffy, cuddly kitten wins me over immediately!!! I’m trying to convince Dave to get another animal. He said no to another dog, so I’m working on a kitten now. He REALLY doesn’t like cats, so I don’t think there’s much hope. I try any way. One time, I rescued a kitten and just brought it home. That didn’t work out too well….

    • haha I bet it didn’t!! Ya know, Nate was never a cat person either until he fell in love with my old roommate’s cat! He has been begging me to get a cat since we moved away! You just need to sneak away to the Humane Society and find a super cuddly kitty and then bring Dave 😉 Maybe it will be love at first sight!


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