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The 30 day challenge

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Hi Everyone! I was so pumped to do this challenge and now I totally suck at it. Oh well, I’m being lazy tonight. Watchin my girl Bethenny and decided I should probably at least get my butt movin on this challenge.

So, here’s Day 3 – Your views on drugs and alcohol:

So, drugs first. hmm… well, I hate them. I hate what they do to your body and your mind. I hate how so many people I know think they need drugs to make them feel better, bigger, stronger, skinnier, prettier, etc. With today’s society, people want that immediate relief/change/satisfaction. It drives me nuts! No one wants to work for anything anymore. I guess I’m specifically talking about diet pills and adderall. Soooo many people I know abuse adderall and I personally think it’s unfair…I guess that’s my view. It made me so mad when people in my marketing classes in college would be like, “yea there’s no way I could have finished that project without adderall.” Really? Because I did… And weight loss pills are a whole ‘nother story.

As for actual drugs, I’m totally against them, too. My best friend has struggled with a meth addiction for that last 4-5 years. She made the decision to try it for the first time, so yes, it’s hard to feel sorry for her. At the same time, I do feel bad for her because I know she struggles every single day with the addiction. She finally got away from her loser boyfriend and I think it has helped tremendously. He was so bad to be around and he actually had to move back in with his mom about an hour and a half from her, so it was basically impossible for them to see each other. Anyway, sorry for the ramble. I know first-hand what drugs do to a person so I definitely have strong feelings against them.

As for alcohol, I think that it’s okay to drink it in moderation. I got a little crazy in college, but I’ve grown out of that “party” stage and would rather have a couple glasses of wine on a Saturday night with Nate than go out and get bombed. I do like to go out and act like a kid every once in awhile….responsibly of course! 🙂 I am VERY against drinking and driving. I never do it and I get soooo frustrated when people do it. I don’t care about the DUI aspect of it, it’s the getting yourself killed part. It’s not that hard to get a sober driver and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to get a taxi than to pay for a DUI.

Well, that’s enough of my rambling! I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 4 and maybe some updates on my May Challenge.



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