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Hi everyone!! First of all, I want to congratulation my girl Abby!!! on completing the Pittsburgh Marathon this morning!!! While I was being lazy, she was dominating 26.2 miles! You go girl! So proud! 🙂

I had an interesting/fun weekend. Friday night I made chicken stirfry. It was delish and fresh. I haven’t had it in sooo long, so we were both craving it

I was in bed by 10. I’m kind of a loser like that, but I was so tired from my first week of work! Saturday morning Nate left early to go bow fishing. Gross. I do eat some meat, but I can’t stand seeing it right after it’s been killed!! But I’m going to show you a picture anyway

I was going to hit the road right away for my 12 miler, but decided to eat breakfast instead. Well, that was probably a mistake because my piriformis was killing me by the time I was ready to run. I made it 8/10 of a mile. Pathetic. I hate this dumb dumb “syndrome”. It’s such a pain!!! (Literally). So, I ran/walked back home and headed to the gym. I did 60 min on the elliptical and 45 on the bike. I figured thats about what it would take me to run 12, so that’s what I did. It was pretty boring, but it was painless, so that was my only option. Afterwards, I came home and made Mama Pea’s con cookies, but I had to change some things. I followed her recipe exactly except I used Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal instead of rice cereal. Definitely not as good, but it worked.

The dough:

the balls:

and the finished product:

Then Nate wanted me to take a picture of him and Lilly. Sorry it’s blurry.

We were losers again on Saturday night. We watched 27 dresses, then Hitch. We actually stayed up later than normal…like 11:30.

Nate woke me up EARLY this morning to get started on painting! We finished the main bedroom and the guest bedroom today. It looks sooo nice.

We painted the back wall a color called “rustic” and the rest of the walls are a warm beige color. Nate started painting the beige and it literally looked peach. I about died. We had to go back to Fleet Farm to change the color because it was sooo ugly! This color is much better. We painted the spare bedroom the same beige color, but we haven’t put the room back together yet, so I didn’t take a picture. I’ll get one up one of these days…maybe.

Nate made dinner tonight. Turkey burgers and fresh green beans I picked up at a stand down the street yesterday. They were absolutely delicious

Sooo… onto the challenge. I’m so slow at this…umm pretty much slow at everything actually.

Day 7 – Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits

Well, I’m a pisces and that’s about all I know, so I had to google what it means.

Pisces is often associated with music, dance, drama and other forms of art, as these can give a sense that there is something beyond life lived at the simply human level, and can open up people’s awareness to a richer reality than that lived in day to day living. Alcohol and drugs can also provide awareness of another dimension, but used unwisely, they are regressive rather than progressive, and represent an escape to the womb rather than an advance to a richer life infused with wealth from a spiritual dimension.. (source).

Well, that’s interesting! I like to think I can sing. I’m a terrible “actress”. Like if I try to tell a fib or act like I don’t know where something is, I always end up laughing. I’m the worst liar ever! But I was a dancer for years and years. Also, drugs and alcohol are not a problem for me and I don’t use them “unwisely”! haha interesting stuff!

Well, hope you all had an awesome weekend! Can’t believe it’s already over….and it’s officially half-marathon week!!!! I am so nervous already with this injury I haven’t been able to run at all, so I’m super nervous. I know the power of God and I will definitely be doing a TON of praying…not that I don’t already. I just really hope I can run this race..and finish! It might take the help of ibuprofen, but it may be the only way I can get through it. Otherwise, this time off will hopefully help me start feeling better!

xoxo, Maren


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