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Fargo Marathon recap.

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Hi friends! hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine has been good overall!

Megan got into town on Thursday night about 1:30, so we chatted for awhile and got to bed about 2. I woke up about 7:30 and started getting things ready to leave for Detroit Lakes and ate a mushroom-shaped pancake

Mushroom-shaped pancake:

– 1/3 cup Whole wheat pancake mix

– 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

– cinnamon

– chia seeds

– obviously too  much water (oops)

We left for the lake, dropped off the wave runner and headed into Fargo to hit up the expo. We got there about 12:45 and surprisingly, it wasn’t packed at all. It was nice!

The signs say, “Uff-da!”, “Fargo Yea, Youbetcha!” and you can see the other one. These are totally Norwegian sayings that my grandma uses all the time haha

The expo was held at the Fargodome which is where NDSU plays. There are tons of concerts and stuff here, too. There were so many vendors here. This was my first legit expo and I thought they did a flawless job!! Everything was spaced out and there were volunteers all over helping you where to go. Meg and I picked up our bibs and then walked around to see all the cool vendors. Adidas was the sponsor brand, so Scheels had TONS of adidas gear. They had an entire section blocked off for their “booth”. We picked up some free-bees of course, and we each picked up a shirt…mine’s in the wash right now or else I would have a picture for you. Megan’s was cooler though, it said: “Will run for beer” haha! Mine was pink and said 13.1 with a heart around it. In the heart, it says, “Miles and miles” a bunch of times.

After we left the expo, we headed to my grandma’s and made dinner. I didn’t take any pictures, sorry. Just imagine, ww spaghetti, grilled chicken and broccoli. Yum. We got our stuff together and got our butts in bed around 10:30.

Saturday morning I woke up around 5:45, got dressed, tried to eat some oatmeal, but it made me want to barf. Does oatmeal ever do that to you? I guess I just have to be in the mood for it because, ughh, it was disgusting. So I threw it away and ate a clif bar instead. Probably not a good idea, but oh well. I had plenty of time to digest my food since our run didn’t start until 8:30.

Meg set the camera for 2 seconds so she barely made it in the picture! haha and she looks totally calm and I’m all excited. Guess I didn’t know what was to come later in the morning…

They had a shuttle service that went from the mall to the Fargodome, which was super nice except that they only had buses going until 7, and our race didn’t start until 8:30. We got to the mall about 6:45 and got right on a bus. There were no lines at all! It was so nice to just be able to hop right on the bus! We got to the dome about 15 minutes later and had LOTS of time to spare. The 10k started at 7, so we got to see a bunch of the runners come in! Around 8, we got up and started heading outside to the starting line. We stepped in line for the porta potties and then got in line. The race ended up started at 8:40 because of a delay with the marathoners.

Here we are waiting. I’m tired.

I don’t really want to talk much about the race because it absolutely sucked. It was ridiculously muggy weather and I just wasn’t feeling good at all. I don’t really want to be whiny, so I’ll keep it short. We saw my uncle at mile 3 because his band was playing, so we threw our jackets to him! And my t-shirt was off by mile 4. I was so. dang. hot. I’ve been running in 40 degree weather for ALL of my long runs, so 68 and humid was not cool. I was feeling really good around mile 6 so I picked up the pace a little bit. Then I hit the dreaded wall. At mile 9. It was like I couldn’t even move. I was taking my shot blocks, I was drinking water at every station, but it was just making me feel worse. I had gone ahead of my sister around mile 6 and she caught up to me and passed me around mile 11 when I started walking. I kept telling myself I wouldn’t walk, but I had to. When Megan passed me, I started running with her, but I had to stop again. I walked for probably a minute, or so, and then kept pushin. I had about a mile to go and was passing a chick that was walking, so I said, “Good job! You can do it, we’re almost done!!!” and she started running again, so I ran with her almost to the end when she picked it up and went ahead. She had done the full marathon in Fargo before and the half, I think. So, she knew exactly when she could pick it up. We couldn’t see the finish line, since it was inside, so I wasn’t sure when I could pick it up. I sprinted as hard as I could to the end. My final time was 1:58:06. Two and a half minutes slower than KC. For the conditions, I’m pretty pleased with the time, but man am I sore.

I wasn’t sore at all after KC, but I’ve got huge blisters and I’m definitely going to lose a toenail!! It’s so disgusting! Also, my left knee is pretty sore.

We did it! Don’t mind me in my sports bra. And I was a sweaty mess. Oh, and I look orange. Sweet life.

After the race, we went back to my grandma’s and got showered. We pretty much didn’t eat anything until dinner. We both just weren’t hungry at all. We did chug lots of water though.

Nate has been craving Buffalo Wild Wings for soooo long, so we went there. I didn’t even really care where we went. I wasn’t planning on eating anything healthy, anyway. I got nachos. They are like the worst thing on the menu and I didn’t even care.

They were pretty delish. And this picture is after I was done eating! They were huge! Nate got wings, of course, and so did Meg. I was pretty full, but I’m never too full for dessert, so we headed to the new fro yo place in town called Tutti Frutti!

Here’s mine: I got almond, peanut butter, and chocolate fro-yo and I got some butter finger, brownie, a pb cup, a few worms, and some graham cracker on top!

yummmmmmm… It was so delicious. The best fro yo I’ve EVER had. Hands down.

Here’s Nate’s: All candy haha

and Megan’s…you can’t even see her froyo 🙂

Ahh that makes me want to go back again!

This morning my grandma made us breakfast

Eggs with lots of cheese, pb toast and OJ. Breakfast of champions baby.

After breakfast, Nate and I got our stuff together and headed home.

Overall, this race was a good experience for me. I needed to have a crappy race, so I know that I can get through it! The race was put together beautifully. There were TONS of bands playing all along the course, lots of water stations, porta potty’s, and best of all, supporters. We were generally running through neighborhoods and the crowd support was incredible! There wasn’t a single spot where there wasn’t people yelling and cheering. It was pretty cool.

Also, this race practically doubled in size in one year. I think there were over 18,000 finishers! And everything ran so smooth. I am incredibly impressed with the race director and all the volunteers!! Everyone did a GREAT job putting this race together and I can’t wait to race it again next year! Hopefully, it goes a little better 😉

Well this post is already a novel, so I’m out. Hope you enjoyed reading. If you’re from around here and want to be involved in a HUGE race with a small-town atmosphere, this is the one to do.

Have a great night. Maren


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I am a 20-something girl who lives in Minnesota and loves to run and eat!

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  1. I think nachos and froyo should be mandatory post-half marathon treats 🙂

  2. Dude check out those sweet shorts in the 3rd expo pic up there…


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