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Hey peeps. I’ve been gone all week for work and don’t feel like doing much. I need to get this 30 day challenge 100 day challenge finished. I’m so lazy.

Day 9 – How you hope your future will be like.

Um, good? Happy? This is a weird-ace question if you ask me. I hope that my life is filled with love and faith and happiness. And maybe a couple kiddos….someday. I already have to take care of two kids..Nate and Lilly are enough work for me right now 😉 I hope that I have a career that I love and that I’m close to my family!

Super boring post, eh? How about a picture of my lunch since I managed to play sneaky blogger. We went to this neat place called “Spicy Pie” in downtown Fargo. It’s a pizza place. It was just okay, but the atmosphere was super cool. If I wasn’t with a bunch of colleagues I didn’t really know, I would have taken more pictures, but here’s my food

On the left, bread nuggets. Not sure what they’re really called, but they had way too much garlic…and that’s hard for me!! I LOVE me some garlic. I got green peppers and mushrooms on my pizza. And the slices were huge!! I only ate the one and took the other one with me for Nate to eat later. The nice thing was, the slices are only $2 and $.30 for each topping. Not bad!!

Alright, I’m out. love ya’ll.


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I am a 20-something girl who lives in Minnesota and loves to run and eat!

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