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Hi everyone! Hope all is well on your side. First things first.

1. A HUGE happy birthday to my great blogger friend Janetha! She is such an inspiration to me!! Hope you have had an amazing day today girl! Stop on over there and give the girl some birthday love!

2. If you haven’t read about Caitlin’s neighbor yet, please read and donate, if possible. What a wonderful community the blog world is. Her site has already raised over $11,000 in just 30 hours! Incredible.

Today has been a great day! It’s was sunny and gorgeous and Nate and I took a long walk along the river. They have built a beautiful trail and we hadn’t seen any of it yet, so it was pretty neat!

Lunch was summer-inspired

These smoothies are stupid good. I’m so glad I got a blender finally. And for only $10! Yea buddy. I’m an amazing bargain shopper…not to toot my own horn or anything πŸ˜‰

Smoothie ingredients:

– 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

– 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

– 1 cup mixed frozen berries

– 5 ice cubes

– HUGE handful of spinach

– handful of Barbara’s cinnamon puffins cereal

I’ve been eating this for meals a lot lately. I’m so glad the weather is getting nicer!! I LOVE smoothies! They are such an easy way to get fruits and veggies in and it tastes like a treat!


Day 10 – Discuss your first love and your first kiss

My first love was in high school. Ended in misery and I learned A LOT from it.

My first kiss was in 6th grade and the story is so funny. All of our friends were outside my house and the boy and me sat on my couch for what seemed like 30 minutes before he finally reached in, kissed me, and then jumped up, fist-pumped, and ran out the front door. I literally can still picture it and it cracks me up!!! We never kissed again after that and he later wrote me a break-up note with the same loving words as Alfalfa’s letter to Darla in The Little Rascals!! hahaha ohhh to be young again πŸ™‚

Can’t wait for this weekend..ughhh is it Friday yet? It’s supposed to be nice and I plan on spending my time out on the lake!


About mering4

I am a 20-something girl who lives in Minnesota and loves to run and eat!

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  1. Haha I love your first kiss story. Mine was when I was 18 and it was in the middle of The Goofy Movie… Don’t judge lol.

    I really like the 30 day blog challenge. I might do it on my site and link it to yours this month! I’m so glad you started a blog, the world can always use more Marens πŸ˜‰

  2. aweee i got NUMERO UNO?! i feel all warm and fuzzy. you’re my fave.

    um, wow, i forgot i was doing the 30 day challenge. pretttty sure i started in january….

    loving your instagram photosssssss!

  3. You’re welcome for the Barbara’s!! I’m jealous of you this weekend πŸ˜₯ but I’ll be staying busy and sweatin’ in Omaha. P.S. don’t let me forget to tell you about the drunk dial I got from Brizzle last night.


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