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I’m burned. We have no AC. and I’m eating frozen grapes for dinner.



So I’ve been completely MIA but I’m trying to figure out this whole blogging thing. It’s like, I want to do it, but I haven’t really felt like I’ve been acting like myself. I just talk about what I eat and don’t throw any personality into it at all. So, from now on, I am vowing to be REAL.

So, I guess it’s not all glitter and rainbows??? Damn. I thought training for Fargo was going to be so easy since I had already trained and ran Rock the Parkway and I’d just have to keep good mileage for the next 7 weeks. People do it all the time. Well, I feel like two weeks before Fargo, I hit a wall and running just wasn’t even fun anymore. I was struggling with all of my runs and then it was icing on the cake when I sucked it up at Fargo.

Ever since then, my left knee has been killing me. It’s been over two weeks and I’ve only gone for TWO runs. Both times afterwards, I literally couldn’t walk. I don’t have a diagnoses yet, but am hoping to find out a little more when my sister looks at it this weekend. It’s so depressing not being able to run. I don’t feel like myself. I don’t even feel like I get a solid workout in unless I go for a run! I’ve always considered myself a runner and it’s killing me not being able to just go outside and be free.

I’m doing other things that aren’t bugging my knee as much, like yoga, pilates, body pump, etc., but even those things tend to bug it sometimes, so I’m just all-around bummed out. It looks like the summer will not be spent out on the road. The two races I wanted to do are probably out of the picture, but I’m just trying to be realistic. I can’t avoid the injury any longer. I’ve got to be proactive about it and get myself better.

Sorry for the venting! Let me show you a few pictures from the weekend (that make me happy) instead:

The gorgeous sunset…that we see almost every night at the lake


My super cute Grandma wearing Lindsay’s belt 🙂

Nate, me and Lindsay (my cousin)

The awesome bonfire we got to enjoy on Saturday night!

Sometimes it’s so easy to forget about all the things I’m so grateful for! I should feel blessed that I have my health (for the most part), and family, and food on the table at night…when I feel like cooking 🙂

So, from now on, I’m going to be myself on this blog and really talk about how I’m feeling…not just what I’m doing all day!

Peace for now friends.



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I am a 20-something girl who lives in Minnesota and loves to run and eat!

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  1. Ahh Grams looks so cute!! Muah!

  2. Hey Sunshine! Pretty fun blog…ya got a new follower.

  3. Hang in there Mar-Mar! I know how injury goes and you sound exactly like me. I’ll keep ya in my prayers and stay positive. Loves. I miss you!


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